To succeed in this course, you must have access to a computer and high-speed, reliable internet. All coursework, including timed exams, will take place online.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

D2L homepage. All exams, videos, and discussions will occur within D2L. Additionally, updates and information will often be posted on the Announcement section on the D2L course homepage. Please make sure you check your feed each time you enter the course. If you need technical assistance at any time during the course or to report a problem, you can:

RECOMMENDATION: Forward your D2L email to your MSU Account

Google Classroom

The problem sets will be shared as Google Docs on Google Classroom through the MSU Google Apps agreement. To access the Google Docs and Google Classroom, you must sign in using your MSU NetID and password.

If you are not signed in:

  1. On the page that says, “You need permission,” it tells you which account is being used. Instead of clicking “Request access,” choose the “Switch accounts” button. You can either choose your MSU email from the list or click on “Sign in to another account.”
  2. If your MSU email still doesn’t appear, choose “Add account,” and sign in using your MSU ID and password.

Complete your answers directly on the Google Doc. When you are finished, submit it by using the “Turn In” button on the assignment page in Google Classroom. Do not submit the doc until you are completely finished. Once you turn it in, you will no longer have editing access for the document. If you turn it in early on accident, the Turn In button will change so you can un-submit the assignment.


You will receive an email from me shortly before the course begins with the code for our Google Classroom. The code can also be found in the Announcements section of the D2L course homepage.