Medical Neuroscience is a 3-credit, fully-online course offered as part of the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Certificate Program at Michigan State University.

NEU 841 will allow you to explore how the mammalian nervous system functions. Focus will be on the human nervous system and clinical applications of the content. To understand nervous system disorders, the underlying neuroanatomical and physiological mechanisms must first be understood. The course will use a systems approach to understand the healthy nervous system and begin to dive into the dysfunction that occurs in disease.

Additionally, the National Association of Colleges and Employers determined a few of the top skills employers look for in college graduates are a) problem solving skills, b) teamworking skills, and c) communication skills. In this course, you will work to practice and improve these skills so that you can be confident and capable in your critical thinking abilities as you move forward in your education and future careers. Content knowledge is important and necessary, but these skills are essential for a successful scientific career, whether in health care, academia, government, or industry.

By completing the course, students will be able to obtain and apply knowledge of general neuroscience principles to solve novel problems and work successfully in team-based settings.

I consider the course structure, content, and policies to always be a work in progress. If I discover certain procedures are not working for us as a class, we can revise as needed.