How To Tutorials

How to Install Desktop Word

If you do NOT already have a version of desktop Word installed

  • Visit
  • Click on “Install Office” in the upper right hand corner. Choose “Office 365 apps.”
  • Follow the prompts to complete the installation

Screenshot of

If you DO already have a version of desktop Word installed

  • Uninstall your current version
  • Follow the instructions above

Important Note

All students have access to Office 365 through MSU. Upon graduation, you will receive a long-term subscription.

How to Install Desktop Teams

  • Open Teams Online
  • In the lower left hand corner, select “Download Desktop App” icon

Screenshot of Teams Online.

How to Draw using Teams and Word

There will be questions within the problem sets that ask you to draw. There are two main ways to add a picture into your work.

Insert a photo of a hand drawn image (available in Word Online within Teams)

  1. Hand draw image on paper
  2. Take a photo
  3. Use the “Insert” tab in Word to add the image into your document. You can either email the photo to yourself and insert on your computer or insert directly from the Teams app on your phone.

I suggest using this option when drawing full models like neuronal membranes

Draw within Word (only available in desktop Word)

  1. Using desktop Word from Teams requires that the desktop Word is linked to the student Spartan 365 account. We will help with this on the first day of class
  2. Instead of opening the document within Teams, open it using a desktop version of Word by clicking on the 3 little dots next to the assignment
  3. Use the “Draw” tab to draw or edit the image
  4. If the desktop Work application is linked to Spartan 365, it will save automatically

I suggest using this option when editing drawings provided in the problem set like showing changes in membrane potential on a provided graph

How to Post in the Discussion Forum (Posts Tab)

To make a quick post

  • If you want to post a quick question about the problem set or discussion prompt content, you can type your question directly into the reply box that says “Start a new conversation.” Make sure to post in the correct channel.
  • If you want to direct your question to someone specifically, you can use the @ sign and then type their name to tag them.

Screenshot of chat bar in Class Teams.

To post initial response to the Discussion Prompts

  • The Discussion Prompts will be posted in a Tab in the unit Channel
  • Download this document, and respond directly on the Word doc
  • When you are finished, create a post in the Posts Tab. Use the link icon to attach your document to your post
  • Find your document either in your OneDrive or upload it from your computer

Screenshot of linking document to post within Teams.

To reply to a classmate

  • Click on the Word document posted by a classmate
  • The document will open in the Teams window
  • Click on the “Start Conversation” button

Screenshot of document in Teams with Start Conversation button.

  • If a conversation has already been started, the “Start Conversation” button will not be present. Click on the small chat icon in the upper right hand corner to add to the conversation.
  • A side bar on the right hand side will open, and you will be able to add comments to the document. Please DO NOT edit the original document.

Screenshot of document in Teams with small chat icon.