What You Need



Neuroscience. Sixth Edition. Editors: Purves, Augustine, Fitzpatrick, Hall, LaMantia, White. Sinauer Associates, Inc. 2018.


Henley, C. Foundations of Neuroscience. Open Edition. (Free online text. Links to assigned readings will be provided each week).


Students will need access to a laptop or tablet (laptop recommended for exams) and access to reliable internet. A phone and/or webcam is recommended for video discussions.

Learning Technologies

We will use two technologies for learning in NEU 841:  Desire 2 Learn (D2L) and Flip

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

D2L will be used for the following course components:

  • Exams
  • Gradebook
  • Scheduling and organizing of assignments (Learning Reflections)
  • Distribution of all handouts (Checklists, Learning Objectives, Problem Sets, Discussion Prompts)
  • Flip discussions
  • Answer videos
  • Informal collaborative chat space with classmates
  • Private chat with me


Flip is a video sharing site that we will use for discussion forums. Students will be required to record at minimum audio, but preferably video as well. The main reason for a video discussion software is to help with building a learning community within the course. It’s too easy to never get to know your fellow students in an online course. This app will help prevent that!

Flip discussions can be accessed through D2l, the Flip website, or the Flip app for your phone or tablet.

I would love to see your face in your videos this semester. I believe it helps create a stronger sense of community in our digital learning environment. However, no one is required to record their face for any video submitted in this course. Want to always record your face? Thumbs up. Want to record your face some weeks and not others? Cool. Want to never record you face? No problem. Other video options include (but are not limited to)

  • Use the “Mic only” option in Flip
  • Using effects in Flip to add emojis, drawings, gifs, or pixelate your video and hide your face
  • Taking video of your notes
  • Taking video of your pets
  • Taking video of the outdoors
  • Covering your webcam and recording only audio
  • Recording your computer screen and a presentation

Technical Assistance

The first week will be learning how to navigate. I do not expect anyone to be an expert in these technologies! You will learn and succeed in the course!

If you need technical assistance at any time during the course or to report a problem, you can: