Get Your Questions Answered


Updates and information will often be posted within the Class Team. Please make sure you review your notification settings, and check your “Activity” tab in the upper left-hand corner of your Teams app.

Have a question about the content?

If you have questions about the problem set content, please post in the Unit Channel Posts Tab first. Work collaboratively with your classmates. Make sure to tag the class using the ‘@’ function in Teams, so everyone gets a notification. If you feel your question is not answered sufficiently there, please ask me in your private chat.

Have a question about technology?

  • If you are having issues with Teams or D2L, please contact MSU Tech Support.
  • If you are having issues with Flipgrid, let me know.

Need to contact Casey?

Instead of communicating by email, I ask all students to ask questions via the Chat tool in the Class Team. Only you and I can see the content in a private chat.

IMPORTANT: Please review your notification settings within the Class Team, so you receive notifications when we reply. I recommend downloading the mobile app to keep notified of announcements and messages.

Response time

I will do my best to answer questions posted within the private chat within the following time frames:

  • For Emergency topics: as soon as possible
  • For Content, Grading, and General topics: within 48 hours