How to Enroll

Interested in enrolling in NEU 841 Medical Neuroscience?

Course Details

The fully-online course is offered Fall and Spring of every year. 

Not (Yet) an MSU Student

If you are not yet an MSU graduate student, there are two ways to enroll in the course:

  1. Apply to the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Certificate Program. The certificate program is a fully-online, 12-credit program aimed at gap year students and science professionals. 
  2. Apply as a Lifelong Education student. Lifelong Ed students can take individual courses but are not working toward a degree- or certificate-granting program. 

Current MSU Graduate Student

The course is open to all MSU graduate students. Enroll using Schedule Builder on the MSU Schedule of Courses. 

Current MSU Undergraduate Student

Contact Dr. Henley ( to set up an appointment to discuss how the course will help you meet your graduation goals. This course is not open to undergraduates in the Neuroscience major.