Course Schedule

The schedule is tentative and subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced ahead of time. Unless otherwise noted, all assignments are due at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the due date.

Each unit will open on Friday. The original Flipgrid post is due on Tuesday. The Flipgrid replies are due on Thursday.

Exams will be available for 2 days: Sunday and Monday. Pre-Exam Reflections are due on Saturday. Post-Exam reflections and corrections (optional) are due on Friday.


Due Date Assignment
Thu, Aug 31 Intro Flipgrid post
Fri, Sep 1 Syllabus quiz, Flipgrid reply, Private chat to Casey

Exam 1 Content

Unit 1: Organization of the Nervous System

Read Chapter 1 and the Appendix pages A-1 through A-20 and A-27

Page 16 – 28 will give information about experimental methods we will talk about throughout the course. You can refer to this section as needed; you do not need to read it fully for Unit 1 content

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Sep 5 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Sep 7 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Unit 2 Neuron Structure and Function

Read Chapters 2-4

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Sep 12 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Sep 19 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Unit 3 Synaptic Transmission – TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE

Read Chapters 5-7

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Sep 26 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Sep 28 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Exam 1: Units 1-3

Due Date Assignment
Sat, Sep 30 Pre-Exam Reflection
Sun, Oct 1 – Mon, Oct 2 Exam 1
Fri, Oct 6 Post-Exam Reflection
Fri, Oct 6 Exam Corrections (Optional)

Exam 2 Content

Unit 4 Somatosensory & Pain

Read Chapters 9-10

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Oct 10 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Oct 12 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Unit 5 Vision

Read Chapters 11-12

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Oct 17 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Oct 19 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Week of Oct 23: Fall Break

Unit 6 Auditory & Vestibular

Read Chapters 13-14; Actions and Innervations of Extraocular muscles pg. 448-450; Clinical Applications pg. 453-454

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Oct 31 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Nov 2 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Unit 7 Chemical Senses

Read Chapter 15

Due Date Assignment
Thu, Nov 7 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Nov 9 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Exam 2: Units 4-7

Due Date Assignment
Sat, Nov 11 Pre-Exam Reflection
Sun, Nov 12 – Mon, Nov 13 Exam 2
Fri, Nov 17 Post-Exam Reflection
Fri, Nov 17 Exam Corrections (Optional)

Exam 3 Content


Read Chapters 16-19

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Nov 28 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Nov 30 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Unit 9 Plasticity, Repair, and Emotion

Read Chapters 8, 26, 31

Due Date Assignment
Tue, Dec 5 Flipgrid Post
Thu, Dec 7 Flipgrid Replies (2)

Exam 3: Units 8-9

Due Date Assignment
Sat, Dec 9 Pre-Exam Reflection
Sun, Dec 10 – Mon, Dec 11 Exam 1
Fri, Dec 15 Post-Exam Reflection
Fri, Dec 15 Exam Corrections (Optional)