Digital Syllabus

The goal of this digital syllabus is to make finding course information simpler. With website-style navigation and a site-wide search function, the details you need are only a click away.

The magnifying glass at the end of the navigation bar (desktop) or next to the menu icon (mobile) is a search tool

I consider the syllabus to always be a work in progress. If I discover policies do not work for us as a class, the syllabus is open to revision.


As you read through the syllabus, you will encounter a number of technology terms that may not (yet) be familiar to you. Words like Channel and Tab refer to specific places in the Class Team. Don’t get concerned if this seems like a lot to take in right off the bat! We will use the beginning of the course to get used to navigating the content. There are How To documents once you get into the class. You can start by reviewing the Technology Terminology page on the digital syllabus. No one is going to lose points because they are struggling with the technology. I have been using Class Teams for a few years, and I find it provides an active and engaging learning space for our course!